IMCoS is a Society of people of all ages who love antique and vintage maps.  We are a group of collectors, dealers, librarians, academics and just plain enthusiasts who share their common interest through meeting each other and exchanging information through a quarterly Journal.  We live in many different countries and the society has organised events in all five continents through its network of international representatives.

The Society supports the study of cartographic history by contributing to lecture programmes and research projects.  IMCoS has its share of experts but the great majority of us belong because we like maps, want to learn more about them and enjoy talking to enthusiasts with a similar interest.

Council and Committee

The IMCoS structure is based on a President, Council (an advisory body of leading international cartographers and map historians) and a London-based Executive Committee responsible for planning and day-to-day running.

The Society’s Constitution shows in full the formal governance of the Society.  Please note email is the main form of communication between the Committee members. The Journal editor is Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird.

Despite being UK based, wherever you are in the world there’s likely to be an IMCoS representative close by. We have a National Representative in many countries. We’re essentially a friendly, informal and non-commercial group linked through the IMCoS international network. This means there’s bound to be someone who can offer help and advice on any specialist aspect of maps, whatever your particular interest, or simply on map collecting in general. Some of us have been collectors for over forty years (including some celebrated scholars,) while others have only recently become interested.


Peter Barber, OBE

Advisory Council
Roger Baskes


Catherine Delano Smith


Sra Montserrat Galera


Robert Karrow


Elri Liebenberg


Juha Nurminen


Helene Richard


W A R Richardson


Guenter Schilder


Executive Committee

Dr Mike Sweeting



Wesley Brown, wesleybrownb(at)

General Secretary

Mark Rogers, mark.roger(at)


Cinzia O’Reilly, cinziaviviani(at)

Journal Editor

Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird, Ljiljana.editor(at)

Tel +44 (0) 1799 615 099

Financial & Membership Administration

Peter Walker, 10 Beck Road, Saffron Walden, Essex CB11 4EH, England, financialsecretariat(at)

Advertising Manager

Jenny Harvey, jeh(at)

Tel +44 (0) 208 789 7358

Marketing Manger

Dr Mike Sweeting


Member of Excomm

Christine Rafalko, cmrafalko2(at)

Appointed Officers
National Representatives Co-ordinator

Robert Clancy, clancy67(at)


Mark Rogers, mark.roger(at)

Web Coordinators

Peter Walker – financialsecretariat(at) ;

Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird – Ljiljana.editor(at) ;

Jenny Harvey – jeh(at)