Membership and Financial Secretaries needed

Job Descriptions for the Membership and Financial Secretaries


Because of the major overlap in activities these two secretaryships are generally done by one person.  In order to break the roles into manageable sections, the jobs are grouped into sub-headings.

Membership Secretary

Membership recording

  • For those who pay by credit card, process the payment via our website and adjust the member’s expiry date in the Membership System.
  • For those who pay by cheque, bank the cheque and adjust the member’s expiry date in the Membership System.
  • For those who pay by direct transfer (to our bank account or to our PayPal account) adjust the member’s expiry date in the Membership System.
  • [For those who pay via PayPal, the member’s expiry date is updated automatically.]
  • Keep a paper summary record of all membership receipts (separately for PayPal, credit cards, cheques and bank transfers); and also Excel listings (“Subscription Journal”) for each receipt type, with analysis columns for the year the subscription relates to.
  • At the start of a new month, check that all who paid by other than PayPal have had their expiry date correctly updated (by me); for those who paid by PayPal, check that they have the correct new expiry date, as the system just adds 12 months onto the date of payment rather than 12 months onto their old expiry date if that is in the past.

Membership admin

  • Send emails (or letters) to members who subscription expires this month; send a chaser email to members whose subscription expired last month, and a 2nd chaser email to members whose subscription expired two months ago.
  • Create and send invoices to members who request them, such as businesses and institutions.
  • For those needing a Journal sending (eg people who joined or re-joined after distribution list sent to printer), buy postage online and send.
  • Create a mid-month listing of members from the Membership system, and update the Membership Statistics spreadsheet for the total number as at that date.
  • Create End of Month listing of members from the Membership system, checking that people who paid in the month are now shown with correct expiry dates (especially those who paid by credit card, cheque or direct transfer); update Membership Statistics spreadsheet for renewals, new and balance of members.
  • From the Membership Statistics file create graphs of the rolling 12 month average membership, and graphs showing the changing membership over time.
  • Create and upload a quarterly distribution list, and upload to the printer’s website.




Financial Secretary

Financial admin

  • Include receipts from advertisers, buyers of books and old journals, and any other receipts on the Excel “Subscription Journal”.
  • Post all receipts on the Excel listing and payments advised by the Treasurer into QuickBooks (our accounting system). The receipts are detailed on the “Subscription Journals” described in Membership Recording section and above.
  • Create Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports, send to Treasurer and explain details,
  • For Year End, create and post accruals/prepayments, and prepare any reconciliations needed; create explanations of Accounts items for Auditors, ExComm and Members.
  • Draft Year End Accounts for Treasurer.

Invoicing advertisers

  • Create invoices from Advertising Manager’s list of advertisers and fees, and send to the advertisers via email.
  • Chase advertisers for non-payment of invoices (repeat chasing until all paid up)
  • Maintain and update Advertising Manager’s list of advertisers and fees for invoice numbers, date sent, dates of chaser emails, and cash received.

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Journal “advert” text

The membership and financial secretary is retiring and the Executive Committee are seeking to replace him. This is a part-time post, requiring on average around 10 hours per month, remunerated on an hourly basis. The person appointed should be computer literate, and have their own computer. Training will be given and programs installed by the society for Quickbooks (financial); Membership matters are administered through the Society’s website.

The Membership Secretary will:

1 Check new members’ data on the database, and maintain membership records on the society’s website where needed; members mainly maintain their own data.

2 Send renewal reminders when subscriptions are due.

3 Send updated distribution list to the Printer each quarter for mailing the Journal.

4 Deal with correspondence from members, with support from committee members.

5 Keep statistics of member numbers, and prepare reports for the executive committee.

6 Maintain confidentiality of the Society’s data and passwords and ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

The Financial Secretary will handle all arrangements concerning the recording of receipts and payments (which are made by the Hon. Treasurer). This is carried out using the Quickbooks accountancy program which enables basic reports to be produced automatically.

1 Receive members’ subscriptions (if not automated), plus any other any incoming monies.

2 Receive applications for IMCoS functions, process payments and advise organisers of names of attendees.

3 Prepare and issue invoices in respect of advertisements in the Society’s Journal; issue reminders and advise the Advertising Manager of any overdue invoices.

4 Make ledger postings in respect of payments made by the Hon. Treasurer and direct payments shown on bank statements. Payments are issued by the Hon. Treasurer, and copies of supporting documents are forwarded promptly for posting.

5 Reconcile the bank accounts, and prepare quarterly Accounts for the Hon. Treasurer.

6 Calculate any year end accruals and debtors, and prepare draft year end accounts for the Hon. Treasurer (note that as an unincorporated Society, the Society’s Accounts are not defined by anyone other than us).