Minutes of IMCoS AGM 2021

Draft for approval at 2022 AGM

Meeting Held on Thursday 16th September 2021 at 2pm

1  Opening

The IMCoS AGM normally held at the Royal Geographical Society to coincide with the London Map Fair had to be postponed because continuing restrictions on travel and assembly made necessary by the Covid-19 pandemic had again resulted in the cancellation of the Map Fair.  The Executive Committee (EXCOM) opted instead to hold the AGM with attendance restricted to EXCOM members, in Covid compliant conditions, and with a shortened Agenda that covered only essential matters required by the constitution.

The Agenda and all the documents required for the meeting had been posted on the website in advance, and all members for whom the IMCoS Secretariat held e-mail addresses were sent newsletters giving details of the AGM voting procedure.  Additionally, the newsletter contained personal statements by the nominee for chairmanship of the EXCOM and by the two newly co-opted members of the Executive Committee (EXCOM) who offered themselves for appointment by the membership.  36 IMCoS members subsequently registered their votes.  EXCOM met after the voting period had ended to review the results.

EXCOM members present in person were:

Valerie Newby                        Vice Chairman and Acting Chairman
David Dare                            Gen. Secretary
Cinzia Viviani                         Hon. Treasurer (designate)
Katherine Parker                     Dealer Liaison
Mike Sweeting                       Recruitment, Marketing and Publicity

EXCOM members participating via a video link were:

Wesley Brown                        International Chairman (designate)
Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird              Journal Editor
Peter Walker                           Financial & Membership Secretary

2  Approval of Minutes of AGM in 2021

The Minutes were adopted following a unanimous vote to approve..

3  Approval of Membership Fees for 2022

The recommendation that all fees should remain unchanged for 2022 was adopted following a unanimous vote.

4  IMCoS Officers

The following officers having completed their current terms offered themselves for re-appointment:

David Dare                             Gen. Secretary
Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird               Journal Editor

The officers were re-appointed.  Voting in both cases was unanimous.

The following officers offered themselves for appointment:

Mike Sweeting                        IMCoS Chairman
Wesley Brown                         International Chairman
Cinzia Viviani                          Hon. Treasurer

All three officers were duly appointed following unanimous votes in favour save for a single abstention in one case.

5  Approval of amendments to the Constitution

The proposed amendments to the constitution were unanimously approved.

6  AOB

The Acting Chairman congratulated the newly appointed officers and invited Mike Sweeting to take the chair for the EXCOM meeting that followed immediately after the AGM.

There being no other business, the Acting Chairman closed the meeting at 2:50pm.