AGMs and Annual Accounts

The financial year for IMCoS runs from 1st January to 31st December. The Annual General Meeting takes place in the following June, on the Saturday that is the start of the two day London Map Fair (generally the first weekend in June).

Attached are the recent Annual Accounts, Minutes of the AGMs and the Chairman’s Statements as follows:

Annual Accounts –¬†Accounts 2018; – Accounts 2019; – Accounts 2020

AGM Minutes – of June 2018 AGM; of June 2019 AGM; of November 2020 AGM

Chairman’s Statements¬†– made June 2019; – for the 2020 AGM; – for the 2021 AGM

Agenda for AGM in 2021.

Proposed amendment to Constitution , for consideration by the 2021 AGM.