California Map Society 2022 FALL CONFERENCE

5 November 2022

California Map Society 2022 FALL CONFERENCE

Saturday, 5 November
9:15AM – 9:30AM | Informal Social Time

9:30AM | Welcome by President Ron Gibbs and Vice President Courtney Spikes

9:35AM | Battle of the Chesapeake

Dr. Virginia Lunsford from the United States Naval Academy examines the critical role of the French Navy during the American Revolution and their decisive victory in the 1781 Battle of the Chesapeake. Reconstructing the exact movements of the French fleet using modern GIS mapping technology reveals a fascinating window into this pivotal contest for the revolutionaries.

10:15AM | Mapping Fiction
As the Curator of Literary Collections at Pasadena’s Huntington Library, Dr. Karla Nielsen (UC Berkeley) stewards the archival and print holdings in literature, publishing, journalism, and the performing arts. Dr. Nielsen will share images from her most recent exhibition “Mapping Fiction” that traces the ways authors and mapmakers have built imaginative and compelling fictional worlds.

10:55AM | Break 

11:05AM | Mapping the Eternal City: Rome’s Urban History
Chair of the Art History and Architectural Studies department at Mount Holyoke College, Dr. Jessica Maier‘s research focuses on Renaissance cartography and print culture. This talk will introduce you to a series of maps and bird’s-eye views that tell Rome’s history across the ages. From ancient marble tablets to Renaissance prints and modern tourist plans, these works allow us to trace the evolution of a city that has had many lives and incarnations over its three millennia of existence.

11:45AM | PANEL: Buying, Collecting & Selling Maps Today
Enjoy a lively discussion with auctioneer Bruce MacMakin and dealer Carol J. Spack as they share their insights about the process of researching, purchasing, and selling maps. Learn how to engage with an auction house and get recommendations on where to search for unique finds! A great introduction to the world of collecting and hear their thoughts on current trends in the marketplace. Senior Vice President and co-founder of PBA Galleries, Bruce MacMakin has had a lifelong interest in antique books and maps. Carol J. Spack founded Original Antique Maps in 2012 and describes maps as an ongoing discourse with the maker’s imagination about the past, present and future.

12:25AM | Announcements & Closing
President Ron Gibbs and Vice President Courtney Spikes