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The IMCoS Journal

The IMCoS Journal is the mouthpiece of the Society and members receive it four times a year in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It has grown over the last 30 years from a simple two-sheet newsletter to a 64-page glossy colour production with a wide range of articles of interest to lovers and collectors of early maps. Any member is welcome to submit an article or news item and we like to publish reports on all the Society’s meetings including the annual International Symposium and Collectors’ Evening where members bring their maps to display and have identified. We also have regular features like a Letter from the Chairman, book reviews on newly-published books, You Write to Us with letters to the editor and Worth a Look which highlights unusual and interesting maps. IMCoS Matters cover all the Society’s activities and Mapping Matters gives you news from the mapping community around the World.


Your next IMCoS Journal will be arriving shortly

Featured articles in the Spring 2014 issue include:


‘Nieuwe Naauwkeurige Land- en Zee-kaart, van ... Caap de Bonne Esperanc[a]’: A little-known landmark map of the Cape of Good Hope in the seventeenth century by Roger Stewart


Dell Mapbacks: Geographical Fact Meets Popular Fiction by Lee N. McLaird


‘A masterpiece of the estate surveyor’s work’: The Lanhydrock Atlas c.1694–6 by Paul Holden FSA


Copy for the Journal should be submitted to the Editor by mail or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We are always glad to hear from any member who would like to write a report of any of our events. This is your publication and we welcome contributions from you.

Advertising space is also available and advertising rates are quite reasonable (see below).

Images for the Journal should be sent at a minimum size of 175mm across the width at 300 dpi, meaning not fewer than 2000 pixels across and preferably 2067 pixels or more. We can always make images smaller but we cannot make them larger. If in doubt please contact the Editor. 

The Editor is Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird. Ljiljana was a publisher with the Octopus Publishing Group until her retirement in 2009. She has had a long career in book publishing which she embarked on after graduating from the University of Melbourne. She completed her Masters degree at the University of London as a mature student. While on the course she studied cartographic history under Catherine Delano-Smith and Sarah Tyacke. Her interest is in map publishing and in particular, the use maps in the teaching of geography in the eighteenth century.

Our designer is Cath French.  The Advertisement Manager is Jenny Harvey who has wide experience of marketing and is a past Chairman of IMCoS.  

In 1994 an index of the Journal was published covering Issues No.1 to No.59. We are currently preparing a subsequent index from No.60 to No.120. We hope to publish this on our website and in printed form.

Back issues of the IMCoS Journal and the bulletins (practical advice for collectors)  can be bought by contacting Jenny Harvey at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Please note that some of the earliest issues of the Journal can only be provided as photocopies. Top

 Articles for the Journal

Guidance to authors for submission of articles

The IMCoS Journal is a quarterly publication for people who love early maps. We cater more for the enthusiast and collector than the academic but nevertheless aim to have first class writing and scholarship and invite contributions from experts. We cover all aspects of the subject of early maps and their provenance from all parts of the world. The first issue appeared in September 1980 following formation of the Society and since then it has grown from a small two-page leaflet to a full 64-page coloured magazine 260 x 190cms [10 x 7 ¾ ins] packed with articles about early maps, mostly by members but also by other experts or enthusiasts,. The journal covers fully all the activities of the Society wherever they take place in the world and highlight the events and enthusiasms of its members. The contents of each issue include a letter from our chairman, Hans Kok, and an editorial by the Editor, Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird. 
Contributions to our book reviews and letters to the editor sections are welcome as are short articles for our sections on unusual maps called “Worth a Look”. News of people and events in the map world are also invited for our section on “Mapping Matters”
Book reviews should be 500 words long unless the reviewer has agreed a longer review with the Editor and letters to the Editor are welcome.


Please note that acceptance of an article for publication gives IMCoS the right to place it on our website. Please keep articles to about 2,000 words plus notes. If an article is going to be longer please contact the editor who will make a final decision on whether it can be included.
The Editor reserves the right to reject any article or to edit contributions according to our house style. The language and spelling convention for the Journal is UK English.
Please send copy as an attachment by e-mail or on CD-ROM/USB stick. If you are submitting an article with embedded images it is important also to include a digital copy of the text with the images as separate files. Would authors also please include a list of suggested captions to their images and make sure each caption is identified. It is helpful if authors can suggest whereabouts in the article an image would be most appropriate—the designer will try to comply but this may not always be possible.
Authors will not receive payment but they will receive 4 free copies of the Journal in which the article is published.


For an article of c.2000 words in length please send us between 6-8 digital images. These can be submitted either as attachments to an e-mail (individually) or on a CD-ROM/USB stick which we can return if required. Please note that low resolution pictures or Powerpoint pictures WILL NOT REPRODUCE satisfactorily in print, nor will many of the images available on the web. We welcome colour where available. We need jpegs or tiffs at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and at a size no smaller than 20 cms across. The larger the image the better – this gives full flexibility for design and good detail. Any jpeg less than 1 MB is likely to be too small, 5 or 6 MB is more likely to be appropriate – tiff files are larger and are best sent on a CD-ROM or USB memory stick.
The source of the illustrations should be credited  and it is assumed that all rights for the publication will have been cleared by the author.  A photograph of the author plus a short profile would be welcome.
For further information contact the Editor, Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Telephone: +44 (0) 1296 670001
Mailing address:14 Hallfield, Quendon, Essex CB11 3XY, England. Top

Advertising Rates for 2014

An advert is typically received as a .jpeg file although we can take other forms. We prefer not to take a .pdf file, since this cannot be changed later and many of our advertisers want to update their advert from time to time. However, if you already have a .pdf file and are aware that it cannot be changed for subsequent issues then that is fine.


Full page advert is approximately 23 cms long x 17 cms wide.

Half page advert is typically, but not exclusively, landscape, 11 cms long x 17cms wide.

Quarter page advertisement is portrait 10.5 cms long x 8.5 cms wide.


Deadlines for new adverts are 25th January (Spring issue), 15th April (Summer Issue), 25th July (Autumn issue) and 25th October (Winter issue).

Deadlines for ready printed flyers are 15th February, 30th April, 15th August and 15th November.

Those who advertise in the Journal may have a web banner on the IMCoS web site for the annual rate. For a web banner all we need is an illustration (165 x 60 pixels).

Advertising rates (in pounds sterling) for 2014 are as follows:

Journal annual (4 editions)   Colour   B&W 
Full Page 950 680
Half Page                                     630 450
Quarter Page                               365 270
Journal single (1 issue)    
Full Page                                       380 275
Half Page                                    255 185
Quarter Page                               150 110
Flyer insert (A5 double per issue) 325 300
Web Banner* 300  

*Please note web banners (shown below) are only as additional advertising to a Journal (annual) advertising subscription. Top